Nordisk Skibsrederforening


Nordisk normally issues a Membership Circular twice each year. While covering all areas of shipping, generally these circulars tend to focus less on the energy and offshore sector than on other areas. While there may be several reasons for this, certainly a major factor is the tendency of work in this sector to be more concerned with loss prevention measures, such as contract reviews, than litigation. In addition, disputes when they do occur tend to settle before being determined by arbitrators or courts. As a result there are quite simply fewer awards and judgments to report.

Nevertheless, the volume of Nordisk’s activities in the offshore and energy sector is substantial and increasing both in absolute terms and relative to our work in other areas of shipping. Accordingly we are issuing this special edition in order to present our Offshore and Energy Group and to highlight our activities within this sector. Following some general remarks in the article immediately below, the remainder of the circular contains articles focusing on particular cases and/or other activities.

We hope this special edition will enhance our members’ understanding of the services we provide within the offshore and energy sector.