Nordisk Skibsrederforening

Nordiske Domme i Sjøfartsanliggender

Nordisk has since 1900 published a series of law reports under the title Nordiske Domme i Sjøfartsanliggender (ND), which translates as Nordic Maritime Judgments. The publication contains arbitration awards and judgments from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. It covers maritime law, transportation law and related areas. ND is regarded as a leading series of law reports within its areas, and it is often referred to by shipping and offshore law practitioners. Each volume consists of about 10 issues plus an index for that year.

The law reports are issued in cooperation with Lovdata in Oslo. However, the decisions are not published in Lovdata’s databases until the whole year’s issues have appeared in print.

As of today, the members of the editorial staff are:


  • Professor dr.jur. Erling Selvig, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, University of Oslo
  • Advokat Magne Andersen, Nordisk Skibsrederforening


  • Denmark: Advokat Jens V. Mathiasen
  • Finland: Professor dr. jur. Peter Wetterstein
  • Sweden: Professor jur.dr. Svante O. Johansson and advokat Jonas Rosengren


  • Aud Bjerkgaard Koi, Nordisk Skibsrederforening


The law reports are issued in both paperback and hardback. As of 2018, the latest volume (onwards from 2015) costs NOK 1,150 in paperback or NOK 1,450 in hardback (plus postage).

If you wish to subscribe to Nordiske Domme i Sjøfartsanliggender, please contact the sub-editor by e-mail or by telephone +47 22 13 56 25. It is also possible to order back issues (hardback only).