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Annual General Meeting in Gothenburg on 28 May 2015

On Thursday 28 May 2015 the Annual General Meeting of Nordisk Skibsrederforening was held in Gothenburg. The following main decisions were made;

1.  The Annual Report for 2014 was approved. The report can be found at the following link.

2.  The Accounts for 2014 were presented by the CEO and also reviewed by the Auditor, having no formal comments. The accounts for 2014 were approved.

3.  The AGM decided that the principles for premiums in the coming year should be a continuation of the current principles.

4.  The following changes to the statutes were adapted (link amended statutes);

  • The wording of §4.2 (Interest on late payment) were amended to reflect changes in the naming of Norwegian Law. The mentioned of monthly minimum interest rate was deleted.
  • A new Omnibus type rule was accepted providing the Board with the option under special circumstances to accept a case which under the statutes would not be covered.
  • The requirement to notify of a coming AGM in selected newspapers was deleted.

5.  Both Hans Norén and Staffan Carlson were re-elected to the Board, while Thomas Franck had tendered his resignation. After the election the Board has the following composition;

Terje Sørensen (Chairman)
Jan Håkon Pettersen (Deputy chairman)
Hans Norén
Staffan Carlson
Trygve Seglem
Hans Peter Jebsen
Jan Fredrik Meling

6.  After election the Nominating Committee has the following members;

Tore Angervall
Bjørn Sjaastad
Nils Dyvik

7.  The remuneration to the members of the Board was to be maintained at the current level.

8.  The remuneration to the Auditor was approved.

A total of 36343 member votes were accounted for at the AGM of an overall total 95635 votes in the association.

The protocol of the AGM was signed by Terje Sørensen (Chairman of the Board), Inga Frøysa (Klaveness) and Morten Ligaard (DS Norden).