Nordiske Domme

Nordisk Domme i Sjøfartsanliggender

Nordisk has since 1900 published a series of law reports under the title "Nordiske Domme i Sjøfartsanliggender" (ND), which translates to "Nordic Maritime Judgments". The publication contains arbitration awards and judgments from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. It covers maritime law, transportation law and related areas. ND is regarded as a leading series of law reports within its field, and it is often referred to by shipping and offshore law practitioners.

The publication has now been modernised and will be published free of charge in a new electronic format.

Nordisk would like to thank ND's sponsors for making this possible.

Nordiske Domme is the go-to publication for shipping and offshore practitioners in the Nordic countries



Hefte 1/3 – Inneholder dommer 1-8 fra 2023
Leservennlig/utskriftsvennlig versjon

Hefte 1/1, 2022 – Inneholder dommer fra 2022
Leservennlig/utskriftsvennlig versjon (NB filen er 50MB)

Hefte 1/1, 2021 – Inneholder dommer fra 2021
Utskriftsvennlig versjon
Leservennlig versjon

Hefte 1/1, 2020 – Inneholder dommer fra 2020
Utskriftsvennlig versjon (NB filen er 67MB)
Leservennlig versjon

Hefte 1/1, 2019 – Inneholder dommer fra 2019
Utskriftsvennlig versjon (NB filen er 47MB)
Leservennlig versjon

Nordic Maritime Judgments and Awards – Special Edition – A small selection of translated Nordic judgments and awards
Utskriftsvennlig versjon (NB filen er 17 MB)
Leservennlig versjon

Hefte 1/1, 2018 – Inneholder dommer fra 2018
Utskriftsvennlig versjon (NB filen er 50MB)
Leservennlig versjon

Nordiske Domme has been published by Nordisk since 1900
The traditional publication is now free of charge!

Old versions


Older versions (currently 1900-1929, newer volumes to come) of Nordiske Domme can be found here.

Editorial staff

Lawyer Benedicte Haavik Urrang
Editorial committee
Prof. Doctor of Law Erling Selvig (Norway)
Lawyer Jonas Rosengren (Sweden)
Council of Justice of the Supreme Court Svante O. Johansson (Sweden)
 Managing Counsel Johan Casper Hennings (Denmark)
Senior Legal Counsel Thomas E. Christensen (Denmark)


Lawyer Lauri Railas (Finland)
Editorial secretary:
Anne Mette Mevik



The traditional publication is now free of charge!

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