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Nordisk Circular July 2017

On the verge of the summer holidays we attach three articles covering recent legal developments for your attention.

The first article concerns the updated LMAA terms 2017. While arbitration clauses are normally not considered to be amongst the most interesting of clauses, we regrettably see a rising number of cases where it is virtually impossible to enforce an otherwise watertight claim because of the ambiguity of the arbitration clause or that a number of conflicting arbitration clauses have been incorporated into the contract.

Secondly, we wish to bring to your attention that a new version of the Supplytime form – the Supplytime 2017 – has now been launched by Bimco. The article points out some of the major differences between this new form and the previous one (Supplytime 2005).

The third article concerns the recent clarification by the Supreme Court on whether a sale of a vessel in a “hot” market should be taken into consideration when calculating an owners’ claim for damages following repudiation of a charter party by the charterers.

Happy reading and have a wonderful summer!

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