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Change of the guard



Today is a special day at Nordisk. After 35 years at Nordisk, our Managing Director Georg Scheel will retire to pursue an active life as a lawyer, arbitrator and as husband, father, grandfather and outdoorsman. He will be maintaining an office at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law and can be reached at (47) 915 35 602 / georg.scheel@jus.uio.no.  We are most grateful for the significant contributions Georg has made to ensure that Nordisk has manifested itself as a premier Defence Club/law office.


karlEven_ryghTomorrow will also be a special day in that Karl Even Rygh will take over the Managing Director position and guide us into the future. Karl Even is well prepared for the challenges ahead and his appointment has been well received by members and colleagues alike. We all look forward to building on the solid foundation Georg has left us with a view to provide the very best legal  services to our growing member and client base.