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Nordisk nominated for award at the first ever “BIMCO Awards”

Last week BIMCO announced that Nordisk is one of three nominees for the 2014 “BIMCO Cairns-Hansen Award”

The award is named after two of BIMCO’s founding fathers, whose vision was to create standard forms of charter party, the basic principle that underpins BIMCO’s documentary activities today. The award recognises significant contributions to raising standards in shipping contracts and clauses through the development, use or active promotion of BIMCO forms.

Through the years Nordisk has been involved in developing a large number BIMCO standard documents and clauses. This includes the first ever BIMCO form BALTCON in 1908, as well as widely used forms such as BALTIME, SHIPMAN, CREWMAN, SUPPLYTIME, GENCON, and BARECON, and maritime contracts such as SALEFORM, NEWBUILDCON, POOLCON and RECYCLECON. Noteworthy clauses we have been involved in developing include for example the Dispute Resolution Clause, Conwartime, Voywar and various Piracy clauses.

More information: bimco.org