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New Nordisk lawyers (Oslo)

To further strengthen the Norwegian legal team, we are pleased to announce that Mina Walen Simensen (advokatfullmektig) and Oskar Vegheim will join Nordisk Oslo in August.

Mina recently graduated from the Universitetet i Oslo, after finishing her thesis as research assistant at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law (Nordisk institutt for sjørett, Det juridiske fakultet, UiO). Her thesis was on marine insurance, and more specifically on the duty of co-insurers to follow the lead.

Oskar, who graduated in 2021, brings experience from two years as a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Norway. He holds a BSc in Economics and Business Administration from the Copenhagen Business School, in addition to his law degree from the University of Bergen.

Welcome to Nordisk Mina and Oskar!